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Turning a Negative into a Positive

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Here in the Halutza communities   - we are turning a NEGATIVE into a POSITIVE with LOVE not HATE so.... we started to CREATE ♥

Thousands of Kassam Rockets have been fired into our communities bordering the Gaza Strip and the main purpose of these rockets are to cause nothing but chaos, destruction & death. My wife Shiran & I have collected pieces of rockets, removed the rust, filed & cut the sharp edges down & created beautiful necklaces gold or silver plated. It’s amazing to be able to turn something very hateful into a lovely piece of jewelry that symbolizes strength and beauty which is what The State of Israel is to us! Thank you for your love & support! #AmIsraelChai

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How Israelis Cope With the Gaza Rocket Threat

Despite their residence in the immediate range of mortar fire, Yedidya and Shiran 'turn darkness into light'

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